Hi, I’m Lance, and I’ve been in Salt Lake City for about five years now with Leticia and our two gorgeous pitbulls, Ruby and Mickey. I’m English but I spent a few years in Australia before settling in San Francisco for 15 years with my three children.

I’ve been kickboxing ever since I arrived in SLC, and loving every moment! You’ll find me on the mountain snowboarding, riding the Harley, or on the golf course when I’m not in the gym. Utah is one of the few places where I can kickbox in the morning, snowboard at lunchtime, and then golf in the afternoon. Loving it!

Professional-wise, I run a small Digital Agency, which keeps me busy. I love the technical aspects of boxing, and you’ll see I like referencing real fights in my classes. I love kickboxing form and technique. Kickboxing is such a great way to burn calories, build muscle, and tone the whole body. I am so looking forward to motivating and instructing as part of the TKO family!